Homelessness In America - The Difficult War Of Survival

Homelessness In America - The Difficult War Of Survival

The cruel war of survival of young Americans
In the era of the end of the economic crisis, tens of thousands of young Americans struggle to survive and are unable to afford themselves a roof over their heads; They wandered between friends' couches or slept in cars, just to avoid finding themselves on the street.

homeless children in america
Dwayne Taylor studied psychology at a public college in Seattle and lived in an apartment he rented alone when he lost his job as part of a layoff where he worked. He then found an alternative job, which he also lost, and later a third job.
Now, with what he calls "lower requirements" and a new job at one of the fast-food Jack In the Box branches, 24-year-old Taylor doesn't earn enough to rent an apartment or share one with partners. He slept on a mattress in a homeless home, except for days when his sister allowed him to sleep on her couch. "At any moment I might lose my job, my confidence," Taylor said, trying to explain why he was always the last to get a job and the first to be fired. "I'd like to be able to support myself, that's my goal."
Tens of thousands of young people in the United States, many of whom have a degree from college or work experience, struggle to survive and live under the rubric of the end of the economic crisis, which left the highest rate of unemployment among adults aged 18-24.Those who can return to live with their parents are the lucky ones. But this is not an option for those whose families have been badly hit by the crisis, including Taylor, whose mother's job in the laundry barely allows her to survive.
homeless people in america
Thousands of people live without permanent housing in Washington, DC, where the rate of homelessness is double the average in the US Experts point out that the rise in housing prices to unprecedented levels is a major cause of the phenomenon Thousands of people are thrown into the streets every year because of the cost of living that rises from year to year in the United States.
According to a survey conducted by the Conference of Mayors in 32 large cities and published last month in Washington, DC, there is a high rate of homeless people, according to the data, there are 124 homeless in every 10,000 inhabitants.
According to information gathered by TCP, which works for homeless people, on any given night there are 318 homeless people on the streets of Washington, 6,259 in emergency shelters and 1,773 in temporary housing. Also, according to the latest census conducted in the United States, in addition to the homeless, 17.3% of Washington DC residents live below the poverty line.
People who study or deal with the homeless crisis - members of the mayors' conference, senior officials in the capital, legal activists, shelter operators and parents who are homeless - all point to one problem:
The high cost of living in the cities. Last year housing prices in Washington rose to unprecedented levels.

According to Michael Pearl, director of the Coalition for the Homeless, which runs 10 shelters in Washington, including the temporary housing complex at Valley Place, "the housing that is being created in the city is not for working-class people." Compared with the past, "the only thing that has changed is that the housing shortage Achievable bar. "
The problems faced by White and Kelly, who have been at Wally Place for more than a year, are familiar to many. White teaches funerals at Washington State University (UDC) and works at marketing weekends at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Twice she was reduced to homelessness. A few years ago she seemed to have recovered; she worked as a manager in a clothing store and lived in her own apartment. She came to Valley Place with her five-year-old son and her nine-year-old daughter when she could no longer afford the rent.
Jermaine Williams, 39, a Brooklyn native who has lived on the street for more than a decade, told The Daily News that "most shelters aren't run like a shelter where you go to sleep in bed and eat a hot meal,
Today shelters are like a prison, like Rikers Island. "
homeless people in america
Another homeless woman who identified herself as Hermaine said she would never return to one of the shelters. "They will have to imprison me, much safer on the street," said Charmaine.
There are homeless people in America who decide to sleep on the street across a shelter that is more convenient and cleaner. They claim that the shelters look like an abandoned prison in worse cases.
Every year thousands are thrown into the street and not only in the United States, the problem is growing all over the world.

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